Tomb Of The Giant Slayer

The heroes visit the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand, but they must defeat the famous giantslayer’s immortal murderer before they can claim Steelhand’s giantslaying treasures for themselves.

The heroes make their way through the remote valley where the Storm Tyrant is gathering his army, facing a variety of giants and other beasts.

The Hill Giant's Pledge

To prevent the possibility of another attack on Trunau, the heroes embark on a riverboat journey through the Hold of Belkzen, facing dangerous river denizens and a saboteur
bent on vengeance along the way.

The party ventures into Ghostlight Marsh in search of the Vault of Thorns—a hidden druidic demiplane infested with capricious fey creatures—to obtain a cache of weapons that can be used to defeat the giant and orc menace.

The heroes infiltrate an abandoned border fort full of orcs, ogres, and hill giants to end the threat against Trunau once and for all, only to learn of a much greater danger: a mysterious warlord amassing an army of giants for some fell purpose.

The Beginning
The Battle of Bloodmarch Hill

The heroes are asked to investigate whether an apparent suicide in the town of Trunau was actually a murder, only to discover the threads of a larger conspiracy that could threaten the town’s very existence.
When Trunau comes under attack, the heroes must help defend the town from savage orcs by lighting beacons, rescuing townsfolk, and disabling orc siege engines.
The orcs’ attack on Trunau reveals the existence of a previously unknown crypt beneath the town. In the aftermath of the raid, the heroes enter the tomb of an ancient giant champion to hunt down the mastermind behind the attack.


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